Transport- 总线 Zǒngxiàn More Buses and trains

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Transport is important for families, business and the economy

I will keep promises other politicians forgot.

  • A new rail line from Doncaster to the city.
  • A connecting rail line from Doncaster to Frankston (Through Waveley)
  • An airport rail line – From Sandringham to Fisherman’s Bend to Southern Cross then to Tullamarine Airport
  • A connecting line from Avalon airport to Tullarmarine (via Wyndham Vale and Tarneit)
  • this will mostly be surface or elevated rail – much cheaper than rail proposed by ALP of Liberal Parties…..!
  • And…..also link Waverly/Monash with elevated rail from FountainGate shopping Centre to Chadstone Shopping Centre!